From advertisement to industrial field, almost every brand in the world now has its own website. These brands mainly adopt modern style and trendy designs that are being creatively applied to speak about their product and services.

There is a huge variety of design choices to choose from depending on their branding’s art direction and the nature of the content. However, we do see some common styles appearing in these different web designs that are identical. With every coming year, many trends change in every field. Here are some of the best web design trends for 2021 to look out for.

Minimalism in web design

Minimalism is a very prominent feature for many modern websites. Designers focus on making the website more playful, elegant and aesthetically appealing but in a simple and uncomplicated approach.

No flashy elements or complicated patterns are being used. They focus more on getting the content out there with very subtle surprising elements and good breathing space for users to slowly digest the content. These are more “easy to use” sites with minimal complexity and relevant information. No gibberish and fancy stuff, just straight to the point.

Identify the essential, eliminate the rest

- Leo Babauta

Dark / Low Light Modes

Various websites offer an alternate version for the users in the same web design. Dark mode / low light modes can be switched according to the visibility requirement. Some websites also have a night shift mode and daylight mode for brighter and darker experiences. It works well in low-light environments, reduces eye strain and improve user’s readability, which in turn allowing the user to comprehend the message that is being delivered better.

This trend is growing very fast as darker backgrounds tend to make the design sleeker, sharper and provide high contrast. People are also loving these black and white interfaces switching according to their own choice and time of the day.

Supersized Prominent Titles

Huge titles on the pages of the website never require any introduction. Right now, eyes are turning towards a bolder design of using large size fonts that could immediately grab the user’s attention. This trend is loved by the people who have no time to read the entire description to know about the nature of the website. This feature is extremely creative, eye-catching and quick to read.
  • Oversized titles are deliberately designed to make the title as short as possible (usually of two or three words)
  • It represents the nature of the business and decreases the time that the reader needs to take to understand the context.

Illustrations in black and white

This trend is inspired greatly from the early days when colored printing was not an option in newspapers and journals. Cartoons and illustrations are drawn in black and white.

Backgrounds are also designed either in doodling or in other graphical elements appearing like drawn by hands. These monochromatic approach if done correctly could produce effective results that makes the site organic looking.

Retro Texts and Designs

In the beginning, designs were much simpler and limited colouring was used in the print media. Many websites are adapting a fusion of vintage and modern style. Basic texts and geometrical shapes are used. Some designs also have emoji on the main page.

Images or Content Collage

Collage dates back to the nineteenth century. This was a very common style of advertisement and marketing. Collage can be seen in almost all the old posters, magazines, newspaper and other print media. Many websites are now using this technique to bring back a vintage touch and display more content on the same page in a more organized manner.

Colour Gradient Website Background

Gradient logo trend appeared and adapted by the people when Instagram was rebranded in 2016. It was a very unique thing and over time gradient style and design became more innovative and popular.

Designers showed more creativity to make the website more appealing. Gradient trend in the background is highly preferred option for the people who want to make their website colourful and stands out.

Horizontal scrolling website

If you remember the traditional style of scrolling, there is something new about it as well. Vertical scrolling is replaced by horizontal scrolling in various web designer’s diaries. 2021 is bringing some non-traditional styles of scrolling and they are completely fabulous.

Depth and Dimension in the Design!/en

Colours, shadows and 3D style is giving more depth to the basic design. Some websites appeared with more complex and attractive looks to engage the visitor. This type of interface is gaining attention because of the appealing and more intuitive.

Detailed Footers

Footers used to get ignored by the website visitors and most of the website made people scroll to the top. Detailed footer trend is preferred by many web designers and users because of the convenience.

In conclusion, these are only some of the best website designs trend for 2021 that appear frequently on a majority of the sites nowadays. However, they are only viable if done correctly and can work harmoniously well with your company’s branding. Be honest about the design and try not to overdo things. Each trend has to be deliberately thought of before it gets implemented into your website. Have a wonderful new year and may 2021 be a great success to everyone!

Fake is the latest trend. Be different, be real

- Unknown