Iconography can help you differentiate your website, personalize it and help users navigate through your site more practically.

Today we are more than used to seeing icons both on the web and in other graphic areas in the world of design. It is not surprising. They allow us to capture attention in a glance and process information in a much faster and efficient way.

Not to mention that sometimes icons can substitute words entirely and is really useful in circumstances where we have little space or want to show many options at a glance. We humans are so used to seeing icons in our day to day lives. Who does not understand when he sees an icon of a clock that represents the opening hours of a store, or an envelope which refers to an email?

Currently, we have a wide variety of icon site to download icons such as Font Awesome, Font Elegant, Linea Icons, e.t.c., very common in web design and development. These fonts are very useful to us, since, in addition to it being free, they are so common that web users have become accustomed to seeing them on so many sites that they can understand what each image represents in milliseconds.

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It is not debatable that for situations in which we have little space, or we want to provide information in a reduced size, such as the "footer" of a web page, some top bar with information/call to action or a pop-up window where we request data to our users, they are without a doubt the best bet. Clear and concise.

Icons can also be use to relate what we want to communicate. Apart from being useful in replacing the entire words, they are also useful when it comes to informing us of what the paragraph by adding it besides the section header title. E.g if we are visiting an online store and we see an icon of a van accompanied by a block of text, we know the whole chunk of text below will be talking about shipping. Thus, the user will quickly know if that page is of interest to him.

In addition to giving life and colour to the website and delivering information in a faster way, we also have an opportunity to convey our brand image using icons. We will be able to deliver a much more personal touch of our brand and differentiate ourselves through icons that are consistent with our identity.

Playing with our corporate colours and the aesthetics of our images with a hint of some graphic element that's resemble our brand, the iconography provides us a remarkable personality and reinforces our brand.

Anyone who knows us and sees an icon will quickly associate it with our company and. We are in a time when the image is acquiring a value of great weight in society and with the usage of icons, the opportunity to make a difference is limitless.

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